Remember tab on back button tap


Is it possible to get the back button to remember the state of the last open tab? Would be better for UX. Currently, it works like this: (new members cannot put images in posts)

I would like the tap of the back button to take me back to the “Search People” tab.

EDIT: this is semi-related to this topic (figured I’d add it here for grouping of similar issues): Scroll position on back

How can I make a view remember the current tab

Absolutely, except its not in the master branch yet and I’m still ironing out the details. Soon ionic will use ui-router instead of ng-router for its base, and with it we’re building a better view history service to do exactly what you described.


Hi, I want to know whether you had solved this problem?


i would also like to know


Hi,could you tell how to solve this question, or give some example


Hey, someone found a solution to that? I don’t want to create a random button and then place it with absolute positioning… :confused: