Reload state after alert

I have an alert showing if an array is empty on a button click. The function saveInterests() is attached. I would like to reload the current state (which contains swipe cards) after the alert is dismissed. This is not functioning.

$scope.saveInterests = function () {

        if (interests.length < 1) {
                title: "Warning",
                template: 'Please try again',

            //alertPopup.then(function (res) {

        else {
            $localStorage.setObject('myInterests', interests);

Problem solved:
added cache: false
in app.js state.

I had the same issue until I added cache=false but now reloading works fine but it will take 5 sec each time to load the view with the cards in it. Did you have the same issue? if so, do you know how to make the loading faster?