Related to Qr scanner

The error can not solved please guide me

Hi @Muhammadirfan ,
It says you have not installed/added qr code module to your imports.
If you are using ionic 3 you have ionic native qr scanner is for you which makes your work easier than any other 3rd party plugin.

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@yashwanth493 First of thanks for replaying:
I import properly In app.Module.ts and also follow your link previously i sent some short clip again please give me suggestion.

In the above Image it seems you have installed ngx-qrcode2 which is an angular component lib.

I suggest you to uninstall the above ngx-qrcode2 one and install instead of barcode scanner if you are working with only QR. and after installing just add it in providers of app.module.ts no where else is required.

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The problem is solve by installing
1-npm i qrcode
2-npm i dijkstrajs
Your guidance will be appreciated but problem is another. Thank you for good commenting