Refresher: Only when the user lifts his finger should refresh performed

I’m using Refresher component with Ionic 3 app.It is working fine.But now I have a requirement where only when the user lifts his finger should refresh performed, if not, then refresh action is canceled. Do you know how to implement such functionality?


 <ion-refresher (ionRefresh)="getData($event)">
    <ion-refresher-content pullingIcon="arrow-dropdown" pullingText="Pull to refresh" 
     refreshingSpinner="circles" refreshingText="Refreshing...">


getData(refresher?: any) {
  Observable.forkJoin([myTopicApi, myarticlApi, myPicksAPi])
      .subscribe(res => {
        if (refresher) { refresher.complete(); }//terminate refresher
      error => {
        if (refresher) { refresher.complete(); }
      () => { if (refresher) { refresher.complete(); }  }
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I need the same feature
we need just to change progress property on Instance Members
but when I do this:

@ViewChild(Refresher) refresher: Refresher;

this.refresher.progress = 1;

nothing happens