Redirect from parent state to child state

Hello guys I have the following situation:
I have parent tab.login and want onEnter to check if the user is logged so i could redirect him to a child state using $state.go, but i got the error :

Cannot read property ‘@’ of null.

Any idea why is this happening?
Here is my code.

.state('tab.login', {
      url: '/login',
      onEnter: function(UserData,$localstorage,$state){
          if (loginData && (!=null) ) {
          } else {
            return ;
      views: {
        'tab-login': {
          templateUrl: 'templates/tab-login.html',
          controller: 'LoginCtrl'
    .state('tab.profiledata', {
      url: '/profiledata',
      cache: true,
      storage: 'localStorage',
      views: {
        'tab-login': {
          templateUrl: 'templates/tab-profile.html',
          controller: 'PersonalProfileCtrl'