Recreate the popover example in the documentation in ionic 2


Hello everyone,

i would like to recreate the popovers example present in the documentation in this page.

but when i go to the github repo it look like the code belongs to another ionic version.

can someone please give me an example/tutorial in how to create an app that have different styles and the styles can be switched.

thanks in advance


That github repo looks up-to-date to me. What problems did you have with it?


the code in the documentation page isn’t the same as in the github repo.

another thing i would like to do is to apply the same style to all my app pages. i tried using the content directive but when i try to add a class to it by the function


i get an error saying that addCssClass is not a function


The code in the github repo seems to work.

Are you sure you can’t achieve your goal by redefining theme variables?

As for adding CSS classes, you can simply use ngClass.


Why do you think so?