Recover Code from IPA


Dear Ionic Team,

i have a little problem. My Harddisk crashed and i lost all my datas until the 29/04/2016.

Since the code was in the lost backup aswell, i need to recover the code.

I have used the build service from ionic, which means that i have a debuggable IPA on the ionics website.

After renaming the ipa to zip and extracting the contents i could figure out that the code compiled to javascript is in the bundled javascript. Since its Javascript and scrabbled i would like to know if its possible to get the code back, or do i really need to recode/reconstruct anything from the bundled file?

Thanks so far,
regards myli

edit: myattempt is installing bootcamp->Windows->Resharper and convert the JavaScript back to TypeScript. Maybe there is another great solution since (for example) the creatr let you clone the code with the id. Maybe its possible with the deployed packages of the app aswell.

Since its bundled with webpack, is there any way to split/extract the files?