Record data with Ionic

I want to create my first application with Ionic (for windows phone platform).
Pease, it’s possible to record informations of a form in a data file.
For example : number of kilometer traveled today.
The aim is to generate agregate data or any operation about data of the file

Thanks a lot for your response
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If I understand your question correctly, you want to store data from a form to a data file, and retrieve that data later.

Yes, this can be done several ways, but ultimately what you would do is create a function that is called when you click the save or submit button and have it stored in a file, a database, local storage, or even posted to a remote server if needed. You can use the cordova-file plugin to read or write a file to the device. Use the file-transfer plugin to upload the file to a remote server. Each form field is tied to a scope variable and can easily be referenced in the controller.

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Thanks a lot Robert.

If, instead of file, I want to use a database to save data, do you know where I can find simple example ?