Recommended database

Okay I’m new to ionic and I wanted to create an app that can save sign up profile information, retrieve login information and also pictures. Would MySQL be a good database? And if so how would I communicate with that database? If there is a tutorial I would be very grateful

it isn’t a good practice save images on database, its better to save inside a folder and in the database you save the path. I would recommend to use SQlite, because its a native db, to use others you’ll have to create an API.

Okay thank you! And is there a tutorial on how to link my sign up/ login to a SQLite database? I’ve looked everywhere. Or is there a way you can explain or give an example? Thank you in advance lol

you can find this in the docs, there will have some examples.
If you’re using ionic 1 try this example

in that tutorial it is saying that i shouldn’t keep important data in local app database but commit to web service to maintain data with database server instead. so for the information i want to store and get (login/ sign up) should i go with a web service and if so which one? is there one that works well with ionic?