Recieving different format of data when posting JSOn format in HTTP request ionic3

I need quick response on that!
I am using HTTP plugin to post data there is a parameter name cart data in posted data which contains JSON format. when the data is received from android platform the data is in JSON encode format and type of the data is String, but when i post the same data from ios the data is in array format. Please see the following screenshots. Left image is the response of android and right side is the response from IOS platform.

Weird. Can you share your HTTP response from your chrome console opened during debugging?

Thanks for your reply, I have resolved the issue.

Great! Can you let me know what was the issue by the way?

json format issue i have now encode all the data in one key and decode that data on server.

ok, no worries. I suspected some weird undesired behaviour from ionic or cordova.