Recent Facebook Native Integration AngularFire2 Issues

I have been experiencing issues with Native Facebook Login this week, I don’t know if it was preparing for iOS 11 that caused it, or something changed in a plugin. I followed the guide and I have been using it without issues, and haven’t changed my login code at all.

When I call the fb.login function, it doesn’t do anything, and I noticed if I leave my phone on, randomly, it all of a sudden pops up, but doesn’t actually send back the authentication to the app even if I do log in and allow it. I am trying it on a real device iPhone 6s, still running 10.3.3. I haven’t upgrade my device to iOS 11 yet. I did upgrade my xcode however.

I already tried removing and reinstalling the cordova plugins, the whole ios cordova platform, tried various cordova versions, I settled on 4.4.0 since that is the last version the cordova console works on, but I can’t even get the console to output anymore. I want to blame Xcode, since that is the only change I can see that would have affected it.

Is anyone else experiencing this?