Receiving only the last background push silent notification

Expected Behaviour

Receive multiple background silent push notifications.

Actual Behaviour

Receiving only the last background push silent notification.

Reproduce Scenario (including but not limited to)

Steps to Reproduce

Send two or more silent background messages while the app is closed.
Open the app.
The last notification is received by the on receive listener.

Platform and Version

Android 5.1.1/6.0

(Android) What device vendor


Cordova CLI version and cordova platform version

cordova --version                                    6.2.0
cordova platform version android                     5.1.1

Plugin version

cordova plugin version | grep phonegap-plugin-push   1.7.4

Sample Push Data Payload

                "delay_while_idle": true,
                "priority": "high",
                "data": {
                    "content-available": "1",                   
                    "silenttitle": 'some title',
                    "silentmessage": 'some message'
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Hi! I have the same problem, you have find solution ? thx

Sorry, I don’t have a solution.

I’m not developing hybrid apps anymore (PWA now) and I’m not using push notifications right now.

As far I remember I don’t solved this problem.