Rebuild existing app from scratch in Ionic (Freelance, several months)

Hi there!

I’m founder (and Rails developer) of

We currently have an iOS and Android app, used by several thousands of people, backed by a Rails web app API.
The app is a business app, not really a game kind of app, with basic UI needs (lists, forms, photos …)

We are looking to rebuild our app from scratch in Ionic (Creator?), because of the advantages (single codebase, … etc).

This will be 2 phases

First phase, a short analysis

  • a 1 - 2 hour consultancy session (probably a Skype call), where we show our app, and double check with you if it is feasible to rebuild our app in Ionic.
  • One day (of half a day) of collaboration with our developers to build a first mini app, prototype, POC, to see how easy / difficult Ionic really is. This can be rebuilding one of our screens, which gets an list of data and shows it in Ionic for example.
  • Obviously this is paid consultancy.

Second phase, the rebuild

  • If the first phase went succesful, we will do a full rebuild of our app
  • This is on time and material, no fixed price
  • You take the technical lead and decisions here
  • Our developers (experienced Rails, but also basic JS and Angular knowledge), will collaborate with you. They know the backend and API inside out, and they know the desired functionality of our app.
  • This projects will be several weeks or months.
  • Can be fulltime or parttime, depending on your availibilities.

Good to know

  • I’m a developer myself so I talk dev language.
  • You will not be talking to a business guy who changes his functional requirements every week :slight_smile:
  • We are looking for a long term relationship
  • We prefer clean code, well tested, maintainable, stable, … and yes we are ready to pay a bit more hours and time for that. In the end, every developer know that this is the best
  • We are pragmatic, to the point, open and honest.

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