readAsArrayBuffer not resolving

Hi folks,

im trying to read a video file from the storage and i saw a approach which uses the readAsArrayBuffer method.

Its exaclty what im looking for but the promise never resolves. I also saw an github issue where someone had the same problem and they suggested to change the order of script loading.

Im using ionic with angular and i dont know where i make such an change. Did someone had the same problem and knows what to do ? Another thing is that the issue is from 2017 and i would suppose that this error should exist in the current version of ionic.

Here is my code maybe im implementing it wrong.

Im trying to generate a blob from a local video file recorded with the media capture plugin.

async selectNewVideo() {

		try {
			this.selectedMedia = undefined;
			const video = await this.mediaCaptureService.getCameraVideo();
			let localVideoPath = video.fullPath;
			let directoryPath =
				localVideoPath.substr(0, localVideoPath.lastIndexOf('/'));
			let fileName = localVideoPath.substr(localVideoPath.lastIndexOf('/') + 1);
			const directoryEntry = await this.file.resolveDirectoryUrl(directoryPath);
			this.file.readAsArrayBuffer(directoryPath, fileName).then((buffer) => {
		} catch (error) {

Best regards