Read config.xml programmatically


I would like to create a page that looks similar to Splash screen. This will be the first page where i will do all processing needed.

I am doing this because I am unable to capture app version in the $urlprovider.

Also doing this becos I am unable to stop hiding the splash screen.

Any suggestions how to achieve capturing the values in config.xml programmatically so that i can build this page.


Tell me what would be the point of this page?

Have you thought of using pure JavaScript splash screen?



I have a lot of processing to be done before movign to first page. If processing fails, I have to alwasys show the splash page.

I havent tried the JS way, and need ur help here


###Take a look here.


This is great, but how do i pick the right resolutionn image from config.xml - based on device form factor?


Any suggestions pls - I need to be able to pick the correct splash image based on resolution of device


ähhm you have to put your splashscreens somewhere in the app like /resources/splashscreens --> and you know what what image sizes you have and with ionic you can get the platform (ios or android). And you can use window.innerWidth and window.innerHeight to get the dimensions of the current window (ViewPort) or use$ionicPosition/ to get position of the document.body.

With that informationen you can choose your splashscreen.


Sorry mate, but not sure how the window width and height would help me for identifying splash for Android


the splashscreen is resolution dependent… so if you want to choose the correct splash or 9patch image… so you need to set thresholds when you show the smallest 9patch… the larger one… or use the xxxhdpi image…


Firstly thanks for the quick response.

Unfortunately, I am not able to make out exactly what you wish to tell me - do you think you can help with a codepen? That would make life very simple and it would be a great help to me.


Any one help pls !!!

Need this URGENTLY.