Reaction time of clicks with latest nightly build not as great as beta 14


I’ve set the nightly build 1037 (one or two days ago).
Initially I had the beta 14 release.

Am I the only one to notice that the reaction time of clicks on an item (ng-repeat / collection-repeat) isn’t great any more?

Indeed, let’s suppose two pages (for the same ion-tab), one displaying a list, the other displaying the detail of the clicked item.

When going back to the list, I can’t click directly on another item (I expect my reaction time to be very fast, really as soon as I see the loaded list, I click on another item).
I have to wait some times (one second) then click…very annoying.
Even scroll is blocked for one second, before being enable…
I’m sure it’s not about my code, since it well worked with beta 13 and beta 14 releases.

On beta 14, it was really good, but on this nightly build, things are really slower, with the exact same code.

Exact detail of the issue in this post: