Re render view when navigating back


I have a problem where I need the table and view to render again when I navigate back. Basically, in FirstCtrl, I’m setting a $scope variable to a list of objects. This list is then populating an ng-repeat. There is one element in the row that can be edited. I use an <a> tag to navigate to SecondCtrl where I can edit that field and then ajax event hits the database and updates. Once they submit, I update the data in the factory and then I use $state.go(‘tab.first-one’, {}, {location:‘replace’}) to go back. However the view does not render with the new value. The different examples and work arounds I have looked up do not work. I would rather not reload the page because then that would refresh the history. Is there a way to force the state to re-render the html document by calling the controller rather than just going back to the last view?

If you are updating the data in the factory correctly, you can actually use the view events to get call the data again.