Re-initialize Side Menu Controller

Hi All,
How can i Re-initialize Side Menu Controller ???
Can any help me??

why do you want to Re-initialize the side menu controller?

normally its a controller and will be Re-initialize on every page view.

Side menu controller is initialize only when open app.

In side menu, there are accordion with different css. css is changing as per the condition(Controller). There is a Reset button . On-Click on reset side menu css will set as a default. So, I want to reload the side menu controller…

ah are you using $ionicSideMenuDelegate? if so its a service and will not be re-initialize.

are you trying to set different color for the app?

yes… Active and deactivate sidemenu color will be different…

if i understand you right

you have one Sidemenu with an Accordion(?) and when you tab on the first it will change color (of something) to green(example) and if you click on 2nd it will change color to red(example).

if so why not using ng-class?

if possible can you create a codepen?