RC5 --prod changes sqlite data use

To use a pre populated sqlite database I’m using the cordova-sqlite-ext. I’ve placed the data file under /www and opened with openDatabase and:

createFromLocation: 1, existingDatabase: true

It worked when I’ve used: ionic build android, however I then had the issue of about 15+ sec loading time on android 5.0.1 and android 5.0.2.

So I’ve used:

ionic build android --prod

which cut down the loading time to 3-4 sec but… no database.

I’m using rc5 and app-script 1.0.0

How can I manage the pre-existing database install with the ‘–prod’ ?


Ok, apparently while changing stuff I’ve moved the open database call outside the platform.ready block by mistake. Moved it back in and it works great. Loading time about 3sec and sql calls work well.