RC1: left-slide pages still observable

Hello, I have this problems in RC1

I brought up the Ionic app by

ionic serve -l -s -c

see snapshot

then I clicked the “Toggle Menui” on the page

and got the following page

and you can see that the “welcome” page is still observable on the left margin of the frame

I click on the “My First List”, and brought up the following page

then I click the back icon on the header to go back to the previous page (see follow snapshot)

you can see that the same effect, that the slide-to-left page still persists on the left margin of the frame

By left, do you mean right?

That is expected behaviour for the Menu component. If you have other requirements, you can use Styling to give the Menu full width and e.g. cover the whole screen.

We do it by setting the Custom Variables in the variables.scss:

$menu-width: 100%;
$menu-small-width: 100%;
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