RC0 IOS Swipe to go back with nested states shows blank screen


I noticed that if you have a parent/child state relationship as below, ios swipe to go back will show a blank white screen (the parent view) . This happens regardless of whether or not the parent state is declared as an abstract state. Anyone else seen this?


    .state('parent', {
      url: '/parent',
      templateUrl: 'templates/parent.html',
      controller: 'SharedCtrl'
    .state('parent.child1', {
      url: '/child1',
      templateUrl: 'templates/child1.html'
    .state('parent.child2', {
      url: '/child2',
      templateUrl: 'templates/child2.html'





        Child 1


        Child 2

Go to last state not working

Has anyone seen ios swipe to go back work with nav-view and child states??


we meet same issue…



I’m experiencing the same issue with RC0, @djett, it would be great if you add a codepen link :smile:


I’ve found https://github.com/driftyco/ionic/issues/3317


great thanks @olasfar . I don’t think a codepen will do much help here since it’s only a feature enabled in cordova webviews. Plus like you pointed out, looks like it’s a known issue


We have the same problem with 1.0.0 uranium-unicorn. Is very disappointing because we will have to turn off swipe to go back. If you swipe back several times between different views with different nesting levels the navigations breaks.


Is it possible to move away from child states or are they absolutely necessary for your app? I found that mine weren absolutely necessary and I was able to refactor so I could have swipe to go back.


Hi @djett,

Well, I’m using the child states to simulate inheritance. I have a set of views that share certain behavior and functionality, and I use child states to encapsulate that code.

But it seems a good idea to look for a work arround to child states, because apparently transitions are not working well, the first time the App enters from a normal view to a child view the child view turns black.

Why you were using child states and what technique you’re using now?


Yeah transitions are cleaner with non-nested states. I am using a flat structure for states now rather than nested states.

If you need to reuse HTML you should still be able to use ng-include