RC.0 can't return AlertController (cannot be named)

I use .onDidDismiss() of AlertController to conditionally navigatio0. To archive this, I return the alertController from my show method, but now I’m facing this problem.

error TS4053: Return type of public method from exported class has or is using name 'Alert' from external module "/xxxx/node_modules/ionic-angular/components/alert/alert" but cannot be named.

private bconfirm: boolean = false;
cancel() {
	this.showConfirm().onDidDismiss(() => {
		if (this.bconfirm) {

showConfirm() {

	let confirm = this.alertCtrl.create({
		title: 'Cancelar cadastro?',
		message: 'Você tem certeza que deseja cancelar o cadastro da clínica?',
		buttons: [
				text: 'Não cancelar',
				role: 'cancel',
				handler: (res) => {
					console.debug('Não cancelado');
					this.bconfirm = false;
				text: 'Cancelar',
				handler: (res) => {
					this.bconfirm = true;
	return confirm; //lead to error

import the Alert from the ionic-angular and define the return type of your function.

showConfirm(): Alert {
 #your code

Oh, I assumed that Alert was AlertController :flushed: