Range also not working in beta4

Hi, I had problems with a range widget. I read the topic here on Ionic form about that. It had to do with side menu. OK. I moved the range into the sidemenu. All releases doesn’t work except beta4
I now can slide the silder smoothly and the value is correct updated in $scope. At least I can see it if I display the value like {{rangeValeu}} somewhere in my html.
But now $scope.$watch(‘rangeValue’… doesn/t catch my range changes.

Hm, interesting. Can you try this with the nightly builds? Also could post some code or better, a codepen demo?

I can confirm that is not working with the latest nightly build.

If the watched value is an object’s property, it works. If it’s a single variable within the scope, it doesn’t.


Thank you very much. I saw what you mean and saw it working in the codepen. I can’t try it right now. After next weekend the first thing I try is this patch.

Hi. I tested this and it indeed working. Maybe the Ionic people solve this in the last beta too.

But now I discover a new problem. A marker on a leaflet map should show a popoup. This works with ionic.v1.0.0.beta.1 but not on beta.2, beta.3, beta.4 and beta.5

Did I miss something…

Referring to the original question/problem, and just to clarify the issue to other readers:

It’s not a problem with range, it’s more a scoping issue. It’s explained here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DTx23w4z6Kc. So, use object.property in your ng-models and you won’t have problems watching those values.

Referring to your map’s click problem, try adding data-tap-disabled="true" to the map’s container.