Random white block after opening or closing left menu


I’m wondering if any else had one of the problems described below or might now a possible fix. Both problems don’t happen on a specific page. Has only happened on iOS.

  1. Happens randomly (once every ~20 tries) when opening or closing menu. The while block has the same width as the left menu.

  2. Have not been able te reproduce this one. Main view becomes very small en gets squished together with a white block with the same width as the left menu on the right side.

My left menu template:

<ion-menu class="left-menu" [content]="content">
    <ion-toolbar primary>
      <div *ngFor="let p of pages">
        <div class="divider" *ngIf="!p.component && !p.action">
          {{ p.title }}
        <button ion-item *ngIf="p.component || p.action" (click)="onOpenPage(p)">
          <ion-icon name="{{ p.icon }}" item-left></ion-icon>
          {{ p.title }}