Random splash screen every time user launches the app

Hello All,

Is it possible to change splash screen every time when user launches the app. I have not seen any app doing this. Is this good user experience?. Any references to this implementation would be of great help.


No, it is not possible as the splash screen name and location is put in config.xml and subsequently in Androidmanifest.xml file and Info.plist. And these are hard coded.

Thanks for the quick reply Gaurav. I read somewhere that we could do it programmatically using imageview but there will be blank black screen will appear when we launch the app which doesn’t look good.

You can do that programmatically if you create a pure vanilla JavaScript based splash screen. I can show you how to do that, but you will need to implement randomization.

Thanks for the reply.If you could provide a sample implementation that would be great!!

I can show you how to create JavaScript splashscreen but you will need to manage the rest: http://www.gajotres.net/using-views-events-to-create-javascript-pure-ionic-splash-screen/

It looks a nice work around for this problem!

But in order to use it should I disable the default splash-screen of cordova? And I am afraid that will cause a black screen for some secs and then the second splash screen.