Radio tap event allows for unselection (but click is OK)

Not sure if this is just me, but on a radio, on ios, if you tap the selected radio the tick goes, and nothing remains selected (which is not desired behaviour for a radio)

The same code, on mac (development), with presumably a click event (not a tap event), you are not able to unselect the currently selected radio (leaving nothing selected) - which is how it should be

Can you test to see if this is me - or if this is a bug.

While talking about radio form tap events I have two other tap related issues
a) Sometimes you have to tap 2-3 times before the radio changes (the tick moves). Never been a problem on a mouse click.
b) Sometimes the tick moves, but the radio setting (that I am watching in AngularJS) doesn’t update (never been a problem with a mouse click)

Both these extra issues are very intermittent - and struggling to create something that is 100% repeatable so you can investigate - so just mentioning in passing in case it triggers a thought about what it could be.

Alpha Lynx
The radio is in a modal (if this makes any difference)


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