Quick question about iconic


Is iconic free to use. I see a pricing page.
I am confused. Could you help?


Ionic, the framework, is free to use and open source.

However, they also offer cloud services which may require you to pay. These cloud services are completely optional though, and are along the general lines of what a Firebase or what have you would offer.

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Thanks for the quick response. I just want to use the framework.

I am new to iconic and angular.
The need is -

  • there will be link for iconic app in the static website.
  • Users using the mobile phone will click this link.
  • clicking that link calls this iconic app that runs from iphone mobile browser (not from app store or play store) but will have look and feel of mobile app.

Question: I was reading the deploy steps at http://ionicframework.com/docs/v1/guide/publishing.html
It does not mention anything about deploying in the apache webserver. Could you provide me the steps please?

Thanks again.

So those are the Ionic v1 docs, and I’d recommend using the current version of Ionic particularly if you’re deploying to a web server. (Which you can find those docs Here))

I believe the command you’d want is ionic build. (You can see all the CLI commands Here)

Exactly, ionic build --prod for an optimized build and then just copy what you got in www over to a webserver. Done.


Do you know of any sample CRUD forms app ?