Questions regarding Ionic: Pros and cons

Hello everyone

I have started to learn Ionic few days now and I find it a very exciting mobile framework.

Yesterday while I was searching for tutorials on the internet I found a tutorial which was some kind of introductory course in Ionic. One of the topics in the course was pros and cons about Ionic. The person that introduced the course I think Matt was his name mentioned among others the drawbacks of Ionic. Two of the drawbacks he mentioned were the following:

  1. Limited to the UI capabilities of modern web

  2. Ionic was less flexible than native apps

Does anybody know what are the limitations of the framework, if those limitations can be overcomed, if the framework is extensible and in which degree??

As I said at the beginning I just started to learn Ionic and I don’t know the full capabilities of the framework.In addition I have never programmed against a native application (using jave in android or objective C in iOS) and I don’t know why those frameworks are more flexible so if there is anyone who developed native applications and knows the functionalities that native applications support and Ionic does not it woule be nice to give some examples.

Below is the link of the tutorial I found in YouTube in case anybody is interested:

Ionic Framework Demo - Matt Stauffer

Thank you in advace

Hi @akarayiannis, well, the way this person wrote made it sounds way worse than really is.

Browser Limitation:
Indeed any HTML5 framework will be limited to device’s technology. What it means? It means that if a browser doesn’t support a CSS (like Android 2.3 not supporting CSS Transitions), you won’t be able to use this feature on your project (for that device/OS).
It doesn’t mean that the project won’t work.

Less flexible than native apps:
It isn’t. The speaker got confused on this one. Actually the best part of HTML5 technology is being able to break with the native’s rules. Ionic isn’t made to be a copycat of native. Even being strongly based on iOS, it has it’s way of doing things. Saying that it doesn’t copy all the listview’s options is the same to say “the developer is too dumb to do it by himself”.

IMHO :wink:

ps: I had 4 apps published with Ionic. Know at least 2 others that uses and rock. Finally, check the Showcase and compare what’s done. This is the reason I decided to take Ionic Framework.

Hello @sidferreira.

First of all I would like to thank you for your answer. You answer was very helpful.
Just for informational purposes and because you mentioned the reason you decided to take Ionic Framework, the reason I decided to take Ionic is because it is cross-platoformed so I want to create just one app and distribute everywhere by using just one framework

In addition, because you mentioned that I should check the Showcase I can tell you that I have allready done it. And to be more precise today I was looking for an app in the Showcase section. The apps name is by Adam Braus. The reason I looked at this particular app was that this app included a chat functionality and I want to do something similar with my app. So I decided to download this app using the google play store. What was odd was that I could not find that particular app in google play store. You can check that yourself if you like. I did try to downloaded by going to the Ionic website from the showcase section and pressing the Get it on Google Play link from my mobile phone and it did not work.

How easy it is to upload an Ionic App in the app store (either android or iphone)?

Also if you want please post some of your applications so that I can download and look at them

Thanks for your answers again…I will continue to learn about Ionic and hopefully build an app in the upcoming days

Have a nice day :wink:

The process of uploading is the same of any app.
Swore is a GREAT looking app (not made by me).

Even performance, today, isn’t THAT noticeable. Low end devices will be slow, native or hybrid.

My apps are about to be removed (if weren’t already) cause they were for Brazillian’s ellectios.

Thanks for the informatiom @sidferreira and for your answers