Questions about Ionic capabilities?

I am developing a fairly simple app and below are some of my requirements:

Simple user experience. Very little use of animations required. Display mostly lists, text fields, images.
Custom styling of ui components.
Interface with a credit card payment provider securely.
Ability to do client-side encryption.
Access to device location API.
Receive push notifications.

I am wondering if there are any concerns I should have if I choose to use ionic? My concerns mostly are around the device api and push notifications.

Also I will be developing a web application that will be for users who cannot use the app and instead connect to a website to get the same features. I do not want to have too many technologies and would prefer to stick with HTML5/JS for both the hybrid and web app. Does ionic provide a way to do web app development? At the moment I am using bootstrap (and possibly angular) for the web app.