Question for a weekly calendar

I plan to make a weekly calendar like as shown below
I have searched around but didn’t find any plugin with momentjs or ui calendar or full calendar.

Any suggestion for this case?

you can create your own Views with uiFullcalendar.
So you can build your own week view, but i think the fullcalender is a little bit to much for this.

All that data you can get via JavaScript Date-Object or momentJS.
Get first day of the week --> get the seven days after and so on.

Should it possible to only select stuff of the current week or something like “i can go 20 years in the future, …”

Thanks for your suggestion, the data should be alright with momentjs for me, is there any css framework for this to save the effort to build this?

i think not… because this is only a row with custom radio button^^ and so on. you can achieve this with ionic classes (for radio-buttons and scss mixins)


I didn’t think of the usages with radio button, great! Thanks for your suggestion.

Hello sir, where’s you found this Ionic weekly calendar?can you please mention it?

may be this will help you