Question about community support for patients

Dear Ionic community,

As group of Clusterheadache patients we have our own app, build on Ionic that we use to collect data for our own research. Cluster headaches are also called “Suicide headaches” so just an asparin won’t help :slight_smile:

With the help of the Ubiqum Code Academy and their students, we have our own research going.They use the data to try and find patterns and trends to be able to predict the effect of our treatments.

I’ve personally presented this project already at the European Migraine and Headache association and at the World migraine congress in Dublin, beginning of this month (Sept)

Is there a way that the ionic community can help our patientgroup by improving our app and help create the community we need to be able to work together and change our future?

Our goal is to find out what the effectiveness is of the treatments we actually use, regular or alternative. This way we understand, how to end those killing attacks.