Question about building with xCode

I’m having some issues with posting builds to Test Flight and trying to figure out what I’m doing wrong. Sometimes my changes aren’t appearing in the builds I’m posting.

After making a change to a file in my /app/src directory, do I need to run any command from terminal before I run Product -> Archive in xCode? Or is running Product -> Archive enough to rebuild the project?

Do I need to run “ionic cordova build ios”?

Thanks for any help.

Yes, after making changes you need to run ionic cordova build ios or ionic cordova build ios --prod --release for production build what I recommend when uploading to AppStore.

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Thank you.

So to confirm, the flow for uploading to Test Flight would be:

  • edit my html files

  • run ionic cordova build ios --prod --release`

  • in Xcode run Product -> Archive and upload to App Store

And I can leave the project open in Xcode while rebuilding it?

That’s right and can leave it opened while rebuilding :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much.

I was testing the app locally, and then posting to the app store without rebuilding first, so it was freezing on the splash screen. Was probably trying to connect to the webserver. I just posted a new build with “ionic cordova build ios --prod --release” first and it worked perfectly.

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