Python as backend for a geolocalisation ionic app?

Hi, 2 friends and I really want to develop an app with real time info

It will be a geolocalisation application.

App will send the position to the database, store it, and get calculations on it if needed.

For example:

John is at position A (time= 0s)

John is now at position B (time=10)

we want to calculate the speed
speed=distance traveled/time

We have problems to figure out which backend we should use.

This is our first idea for the back end:

  • MySQL to create the database

  • Python to manage the database (like doing those speed calculations)

We wan’t to be able to scale but code the app the fastest as possible.

The application will have a level system.
A little social network (that will come later).
A profile picture.

2 of our team are new to programming ( 1 month experience) but we are good learners and like challenges.

Should we use python or another language(node.js)?

We would love to have our own database and not something like firebase, although we are are scared for being hacked so any advice would be great :slight_smile: .

If I am wrong in my concepts could you please redirect me :)?

Python is fine.

Have a look at Python Django here.

It’ll provide you a powerful backend in a short time, especially if you are familiar with Python.

You can’t do such a low-level backend, as it won’t be able to scale to fit your needs. Basing your app on a HTTP web server is the best way to achieve what you want here.

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Much thank Jedi Master,

So I am right in my notions to use MySQL with python?

One more last question: What language will send the information to the application?

You’re welcome!

Of course you can, but you’ll see : Django abstracts the DB notions by models, it means you’ll deal with Python object as database entries. Have a look at the tutorials, this is a rock solid framework for backend.

Well, for the language, it can basically be what you want. Tough it will be over HTTP, i’ll suggest you to use JSON as a REST like API. You do the calculations and stuff server side, and for example, when the app wants to know something you just get /user/1/position with an $http.get from Angular, take the data back and display it.

Have a look at Django Rest Framework in a second place, it might help you.

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Thank you I am so happy :slight_smile:

Lets get this app done !

Yup, get to work now :stuck_out_tongue: