PWA vs Regular

What would be the advantages of wrapping a PWA with Capacitor vs wrapping a regular site with it?
In other words, if I am going to ship both android and ios apps anyway, why should they be a PWA?
Why do I need the PWA camera API when I have the Capacitor native camera API?

In case you want people to be able to run it in a different environment, such as a web browser on a desktop.

And from the perspective of the mobile apps, will there be a difference if they wrap a PWA or wrap a normal site?

I have to confess I’m concerned about your word choice of “wrap a site”. You may be well aware of this, but if you’re not, search these forums or the Internet in general for information about app store opinions about what constitutes a worthwhile app. “Minumum functionality” is the phrase that Apple uses to discourage people “wrapping” websites and calling the results “apps”.

So, we have one of two situations here: either I don’t understand what you mean by “wrap a site” or “wrap a PWA”, in which case you reading what I write on this subject is a waste of time, or you’re going down a road that will likely end up being rather bumpy if you’re trying to distribute things in app stores.