PWA performance vs Native

Organization is considering using PWA for our mobile. However the following paragraph as an excerpt from the conversation I’ve had with one of our developers. I was wondering if anybody had any resources on performance…

Hey. Thanks for sharing this with me. Unfortunately these articles, as well as a number of others that I have read, do not address performance issues. Running a thing in the browser still means it has to deal with the sandbox. The permissions that are made available to the hardware are certainly encouraging. But performance numbers are lacking. You have any documents that are more orientated toward that perspective? There’s a number of documents that cover differences between native, xamarin.forms, html5/js, ionic, asm.js, etc. But nothing about wasm.js. I’ve seen a couple articles that mention this in passing but don’t offer anything concrete. One of the articles above mentions Tender and the performance gain there. But the gain came from updates to the libraries that they were using. Not the platform that consumed them. I’ve been looking at wasm to deploy Xamarin. I’m just a little nervous about running apps through browsers without testing each browser. This is complicated by each browser automatically updating. Anyways. Hope you are having a good saturday

Install the Twitter or Instagram or any other PWA ( so you could make yourself an idea on the performances