Put input type text in the center of an image

I need to create an html page. In this html page, I need to have an image with an a .This input is in the middle of the image; this input type text also have the “search” icon inside the input on the right.

I tried to build the code in this way:



Obviously it doesn’t work. Is there a good way to make it work?

Hi Raeon,

This isnt really an ionic question, but hope this helps you.

Vertically align in middle of image - http://zerosixthree.se/vertical-align-anything-with-just-3-lines-of-css/
adding the image - http://www.electrictoolbox.com/show-icon-html-input-css/

Hope this helps.

Thanks, for your answer.
I wrote the problem in this forum because I need to develop it in Ionic enviroment.

No problem. just remember at the heart of it this is all just JavaScript. Ionic is just a framework.
For issues outside of ionic, stack overflow is a great resource which has many more contributors to help out :slight_smile:

Hope you are enjoying Ionic.