PushNotification registered addListener events lost on close of app

I have working push notifications on iOS and Android, notifications are received events fire ok with the app in the foreground and background. If I quit the app on iOS and receive a notification it appears the registered events are also lost as they no longer fire? I get the notification OK and it opens the app when I click it but I don’t get the pushNotificationActionPerformed event firing which does fire when the app is open or in the background? Is this behaviour normal/expected?

PushNotifications.addListener("pushNotificationReceived", async (notification: PushNotificationSchema) => {
	alert("pushNotificationReceived HIT");
PushNotifications.addListener("pushNotificationActionPerformed", async (notification: PushNotificationSchema) => {

These are called when the user logs in to the app along with the PushNotifications.requestPermissions() call.

What seems to work for me is clearing all listeners with PushNotifications.removeAllListeners() and then re-adding them every time the app is initialized/opened in main.ts. I do this before app.mount().