Pushing to firebase from input field value

I have a strange problem.
I am pushing the form values to a firebase db, however there are some textboxes which are getting values from other pages via callback.

html example:

      <ion-label fixed>Használt csali</ion-label>
      <ion-input [(ngModel)]="fogasCsali" type="text"></ion-input>
      <button ion-button clear item-end (click)="valasztasLadabolcsali()">
        <ion-icon name="add-circle">Választás ládából</ion-icon>



The value of ngmodel fogasCsali is loaded from another page via user select with callback navparams:

  callback = data => {
    this.fogasCsali = data.csalineve;

The thing i really dont understand that when the user select the item from another page via modal the choosen item’s name is loaded into the textbox but when i am trying to upload it, i am getting an error that it is undefinied. If i add an additional character to the textbox it is okay, so for some reason it is undefinied until i edit the textbox.

What can be the problem?

Don’t do this. Load in a provider, and have both pages talk to the provider. Much cleaner, and much easier to debug.

so you mean i should use providers instead of navigating with navparams in my app? Almost everywhere i am using navparams even to pass the login data(user,email,profilepic) between pages. I tought that for small objects navparams is more efficient and easier.

You just described in your OP why navParams wasn’t good enough.