Pushing page after setting root nav with this.appCtrl.getRootNavs()[0].setRoot() in app with tabs

Trying to set up redirect logic from one page to detail page on other section in app with side menu and tabs combined. Here what I have on one page:

  goToDealerItemPage() {
    this.appCtrl.getRootNavs()[0].setRoot(MenuPage, {tabIndex: 2}).then(() => {
      this.appCtrl.getRootNavs()[0].push(DealerItemPage, {id: this.selectedDealer.id});

As the result of it I get needed page (fullscreen), but it overlays the side menu (it’s hidden, and is shown in only I click Back button on page, closing it) and routing looks like this – localhost:3100/#/dealer/39/tabs/dealers-tab/dealers, where bold text should be and the top of navigation stack, not in the begging. Is this is a bug, or am I doing something wrong?