Push Service: test and production environment for both iOS and android

Dear All,

we are currently building our own app with ionic v4. Therefore we are using FCM to deliver push notifications to user devices in our test environment. Everything is working as expected for iOS and Android, we have setup our certificates via XCODE and downloaded both GoogleService-Info.plist and google-services.json, so delivery in our TEST environment is pretty fine and works quite good.

Now we want to send our App to the Apple Store App review process. I got some questions regarding the production mode, as there is no real description/tutorial about deploying app from test to production:

  • Do we need to generate a new Application in Firebase Console for iOS and package a new GoogleService-Info.plist in our existing app, so that it uses this plist file for PRODUCTION mode? How do we automate this process?

  • What is the general process in ionic for deploying apps from test -> production for iOS (we are using xcode directly and not AppFlow from ionic)?

  • Any tips advices?

Any help would be appreciated!