Push.register() not returning token

I have the following code:

var push = new Ionic.Push({
  "debug": true

push.register(function(token) {
  console.log("Device token:",token.token);

Unfortunately the register callback is never called (nothing gets logged).
I installed everything correctly and set dev_push to true

Registering users works perfectly so I don’t know what’s wrong.

In the console I get the following output: Ionic Push: – "register" but nothing else…

Any thoughts?

Are you using Chrome Canary?

I ran into the same problem but then discovered that it is specific to Canary (51.0.2700.0 canary (64-bit) with switches --disable-web-security --user-agent=“Android” --user-data-dir=“C:/temp-chrome-eng”)

I can view the Device token in Firefox (45.0.1) and regular Chrome (49.0.2623.110 m (64-bit))

Hope that helps