Push Plugin - Found item String/google_app_id more than one time



I just installed Push plugin into the App, and now its createing a duplicate of @string/google_app_id

Even if i delete one of them, when i run the project, ionic creates another one.

So this is what i get.

<string name="google_app_id">@string/google_app_id</string>
<string name="google_app_id" translatable="false">XXXXXXXXXX</string>

Thank you!!


Still having the same problem, removing the platform and the plugin and reinstall it again, didn’t work, I don’t really know what to do :frowning:


Hi Mystearica ., did you add a plugin that makes it the duplication of the google_app_id ? ., cauze i have the same problem and i solved it ., in mine i added a plugin which is the firebase after i added that i got that error. So i remove the firebase plugin “ionic plugin rm plugin_name” ., and then i remove the android platform “ionic platform rm android” and after that add again the platform “ionic platform add android” ., and that solved mine … i hope it solved yours :slight_smile:


I already solved the problem, deleting a line in the firebase plugin :slight_smile:

I tried your solution too, but for me didnt work when i did it.


Which line did you delete? How did you resolve this?


Hi! Forget about deleting any line, just have one of the plugin installed at the same time, only firebase or only phonegap-push-plugin.


Hi rubyronin, here these solution .
here this link : Push plugin - Found item String/google_app_id more than one time