Push notifications in PWA


Hello Ionic Team,

Happy to see Progressive Web App(PWA) support, but I think documentation is currently a problem.
I want to send push notifications in PWA in IOS, Android and Browser. Sending push notifications using cordova native plugins is pretty easy in IOS, Android. But I am confusing how to implement push notifications in Browser. could any one give some suggestions please(I already installed cordova push plugin). Thanks in advance…


This tutorial can help you to understand what you need to make, but for PWA you can forget any cordova plugins and then implement a PushManager directly with a ServiceWorker in javascript.


Thank you leonardoss for your reply. I will try out this turorial and notify the ionic team if I face any problems.


so does this also works on ionic ios and android app?


This process is for normal angular app where we have to create service worker manually. I just want to know how can we use push notification in ionic PWA…


The Ionic FCM and Firebase Messaging APIs don’t work in the browser so you’ve got to use the service worker.