Push Notification Problem in IOS device

I was trying to send push notification to my ionic app. I can able to send in development phase but unable to do so in production phase. i have tried ionic push as well as pushwoosh but failed to send in ios devices on production phase.

What does “unable to do so” mean? Are you getting errors? Can’t you implement it? What exactly should we help you with?

I am unable to implement it.

What are you trying to implement? What instructions are you following? What errors are you getting?

I just want to send push notification to my ios app after uploading it in app store. After failed to implement ionic push notification service I was able to send push notification to a particular device as a test device using pushwoosh. But whenever I am uploading it into app store it is not working.

What does “not working” mean?
What exactly did you implement (code)?

You are making it really hard to help you…

I tried to follow all the steps mentioned in ionic service io push notification. After that I sent notification from dashboard of apps dot ionic. But it didn’t sent any mail. I don’t Know actually what’s the reason it isn’t responding. May be I am failing to integrate push service into my app… but in wrote all the codes mentioned in doc into my app.

Regarding pushwoosh the notification works in test device but I don’t know how to send notification to all other devices having the app installed.