Push notification issues- possible outage on Ionic's side?

Anyone else ran into issues with Push notifications today? My app is using the deprecated v1 JSON api to submit a push notification from our server and sometime between tuesday and today they stopped working with no changes on our end. Is anyone else experiencing an outage right now with push notifications through ionic to at least android?

Only support will be able to answer if there are actual problems on the backend: http://ionicframework.com/support#support

I filed a service issue there and got zero response.

The few hours of downtime don’t really bother me as much as the complete
lack of response for both inquiries submitted - also the issue seems to
have been corrected and there are no notes of it on the downtime page.

I can’t really say anything about that, I am an outsider just like you.

My guess is that it was just a blip and they actually didn’t change anything as they weren’t aware of any issue or couldn’t replicate it. But that, of course, is pure speculation.

My advice would be… you guessed it… to create another issue about the support response time or better the problem of non-response and un-truth of the status page. Ionic team doesn’t really read the forum much, so they won’t know about this problem unless you complain in a channel they actually (maybe) do read.