Push notification IOS Ionic 3

Hi there,

I am stack in generating IPA file in development mode for my App , I don’t understand the process used to merge the certificates generated ( ios development and APNs Development iOS ).

I am using IONIC pro to generate IPA file. And I am using Ubuntu with openssl to generate pem and p12, I don’t understand why it’s not working, I will need any help to understant more clearly the steps taken to generate push certificate and ios app certificates,and in which momen I can use files like push.p12 or something like that.

I need this missing piece in this puzzle , Any provided docs or example that describe every step to integrate push notification with openssl will be appreciated.


Did you ever get any movement on this? Running into the same issue with AppFlow. Trying to integrate the iOS build with Firebase Cloud Messaging but not finding any information on it.

Watch this video.