Push Notification: How To Subscribe To GCM Topic?


So far what I understood about push notification using cordova plugin is;

  1. When app starts, we register for notification
  2. GCM send registration ID for that device, which we then send to our server and save it in DB.
  3. We then can send push notification to each device we want.

From above implementation I can see that we can only send one notification per device. To send same notification to all devices, we have to loop through it (one device at a time).

Is there another way round for this?

I am looking for something like Topic based subscription (as suggested in https://developers.google.com/cloud-messaging/topic-messaging), where devices are subscribed to topic (also we can get device IDs if we want).

Easier part is that we just need to send the notification once and it will fan out automatically.

So how to subscribe for topic using ionic (with cordova push plugin) ?

Is it possible?


I’m also waiting for this… The existing cordova Push plugins seem to be catching up with the new GCM features and the support is partial or non-existing…