Push Notification action button callback not called when app not running

We are using ionic-native push for receiving and handling FCM notifications. I had added a action button on a notification with inline reply feature. The fcm payload has actions:
"actions": [ { "icon": "reply", "title": "reply", "callback": "post", "foreground": true, "inline": true, "replyLabel": "Enter your reply here" }
and in the index.d.ts I made this change:
export declare type PushEvent = 'registration' | 'error' | 'notification' | 'post';
Now it worked, and the post callback was called, when my app was running in the background. But when the app is not running at all, the post callback is not called. Is there someway to initialise the app when inline reply is posted? Or is there something I’m missing?

I guess I need to set
"force-start": 1