Push native plugin and Xcode workspace


I installed the ionic native Push plugin, which worked fine, I am using AWS to push notifications to my devices and it works like a charm. Now ever since I installed the push plugin into my app, my ios platform has a project.xcworkspace file which I read somewhere I should use to make my builds. BUT the workspace project keeps reloading my app with older versions of my code. When I run ionic serve and see my app on the browser (or on an android) it runs the latest code but on iOS it constantly returns to an old build (seems to be the same old build) where features are missing and it’s just old code.

Has this happened to anyone else or does anyone know why this is happening? Does Xcode cache files somewhere? I tried incrementing my version code and running ionic cordova clean but no luck.

I will try removing the ios platform (again) and reinstalling the push plugin too. Will post my outcome here.