Publishing android version without production build

Hi. I finished my ionic app for android. I build for android with just : ionic build android

Now my question is: In android it’s ok to install the app without signing the app and/or sending to google play. Is it ok to publish the app without production build??

Hi @vahidvdn,

It’s highly recommended to publish app with production build. For example, if you publish app as debug version, others can access the source of the app. Also only production version can be published at Google Play Store.

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Can someone modify localStorage in development build and use the app? Because, when user go to the payment, I stay the status in the localStorage.

Of course he can.

You can test it directly from chrome when you enable USB Debug from your phone too see what you store inside localStorage and from that state you can change every value.

The best way is to separate business logic from presentation layer.

Please take a look at this article:


But in some places mentioned that localStorage cannot be modified by user. (ex. here)

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